WATCH: Pink and Lily Allen Team Up for 'True Love'

WATCH: Pink and Lily Allen Team Up for 'True Love'
Sunnivie Brydum

Longtime LGBT ally (and former Advocate cover girl) Pink just debuted her newest music video for the latest single off her 2012 album, The Truth About Love. And while the video is admittedly pretty straight — anyone with doubts that Pink wrote the song about her turbulent relationship with husband Carey Hart will be shut down after watching this — we still want to give the fierce femme rocker some love.

Hart makes several appearances in the video, as does the couple's adorable daughter, Willow. And don't miss the subtle send-up to fellow ally and SheWired favorite Kelly Clarkson, as Pink admits "I know my life would suck without you."

And while Pink wrote the song about her heated romance, there's something distinctly queer about the combative, love-hate relationship reflected in lyrics like "at the same time, I wanna hug you / I wanna wrap my hands around your neck / You're an asshole, but I love you / And you make me so mad I ask myself / Why I'm still here, and where could I go / You're the only love I've ever known / But I hate you, I really hate you / So much I think it must be true love."

Watch the video below, which also features some stellar aerial acrobatics culled from Pink's energetic live performances. 

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