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Golden Globes Hosts Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh Are a Bisexual Dream

Golden Globes Hosts Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh Are a Bisexual Dream

Golden Globes Hosts Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh Are a Bisexual Dream

Let the awards begin!


Look, we know Awards Season is going to be a bit much this year. We've barely recovered from the holidays, there was that whole messy business with Kevin Hart and the Oscars, we're all arguing about straight actors playing queer characters again—it's a lot to deal with. 

But there is one thing the Hollywood higher-ups are doing right, and that's giving this Sunday's hosting gig to Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh.

Following their hilarious bit at last year's Emmys (which is pretty much the only thing I remember from that whole show), the two actors are taking a break from playing detectives every bisexual wants to date to host the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Are Samberg and Oh technically bisexual? Not as far as we know. Are the bisexuals 100% here for it anyway? They sure the hell are.

So where does all this bi adoration come from?

We all know Stephanie Beatriz's Rosa Diaz is the prize bisexual of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but there's a strong case to be made that Samberg's Jake Peralta is also on board.

I mean, come on. Plaid? Hoodie? Leather jacket? Doesn't know how to sit in a chair? Fooling exactly zero people, Jake. 

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As for Sandra Oh, may I present this moment from the critically acclaimed (and queer AF) BBC America series Killing Eve:

Tell me your inner teenage Grey's Anatomy-watching self didn't just develop a crush all over again, I dare you. Case closed.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to tune in! (Take notes, Academy Awards, this is how you do it.)

The Golden Globes air live this Sunday at 8pm ET/5pm PT on NBC!

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