A Pilot Used Grindr During a Flight to Flirt with a Passenger

Raffy Ermac

If you're a Grindr user, you're probably used to getting random, flirty messages from dudes looking for that super duper special someone. You've probably received messages while you were at work. You've probably received messages while you were waiting in line at Starbucks. Heck, you've probably received messages while you were literally sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. 

But have you ever received a flirty Grindr message while you were flying on a plane?! And from the pilot, no less??! Well, that's what happened to one Twitter user earlier this week:

"I see you're on my flight," the pilot (who was literally going by the name "Hi") wrote to 27-year-old JP Thorn in a Grindr message. "Enjoy the ride to Chicago." 

"My reaction was I knew I needed to get off this plane as fast as I can," Thorn told the New York Post about his sky-high interaction. "I’ve had some weird experiences with proximity stuff on Grindr."

Talking about how the rest of the conversation went, Thorn said:

"He asked me about our flight, how it was on the way, and [the conversation] was really standard. I said there was no turbulence, then he made a joke about turbulence." 

Although he never met in person with the pilot after the flight was over because he had to catch another flight, Thorn admits that he would have liked to. 

"I meet up with people all the time from Grindr," Thorn told the Post. "I think I totally would have met him for coffee."

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