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5 Reasons Agent Carter Is the Feminist Show You've Been Waiting For

5 Reasons 'Agent Carter' is the Feminist Show You've Been Waiting For

5 Reasons 'Agent Carter' is the Feminist Show You've Been Waiting For

When it was announced last year that SSR Agent Peggy Carter was going to be getting her own TV show, Marvel fans rejoiced. Peggy is, of course, a fan favorite from the Marvel Universe. But, while she is commonly known as the woman who stole Captain America's heart, her show is going a long way in proving she is a hero all on her own.

In short, Agent Carter is a feminist fantasy for the following reasons and more.

1. The titular character

Peggy Carter is the hero we want, the hero we need, and the hero we deserve. As I've already discussed in a recent article, Peggy is a well-rounded character, with imperfections and flaws that make her wonderfully real.

She's also a swarm of strength and badass-ery. With every fight scene, every emotional moment, and every bit of witty dialogue, Peggy Carter teaches us that anyone can be a hero. Gender has nothing to do with it.


2. The villians

Last season we were faced with Dottie Underwood, a Black Widow-esque Russian spy. This season we are up against Whitney Frost/Agnes Cully.

In both cases Peggy is challenged by a villain who is every bit as intelligent, resourceful and dynamic as she is. And in both cases, she is challenged by women. Women who, it seems, can only be taken down by Peggy herself.

Between the protagonist and rotating antagonists, this show is run by powerful women. It's fantastic.


3. The sexist guys happen to be the bad guys

Imagine that. What a concept.

Case and point: This season, Chief Thompson seems to be digging himself a deeper hole in his professional life while also getting more and more demeaning to Peggy.


4. Women are at the highest level of their fields

Even if her male coworkers can't see it, the audience is fully aware that Carter is the best agent the SSR's got. Dottie Underwood, too, is a force to be reckoned with, taking down everyone in her path with only Carter being able to defeat her.

Just last week it was also revealed that Whitney Frost's real name is Anges Cully. Cully is a top-notch scientist, responsible for creating some of the most advanced technology on the show. In the teaser for this week, she is described as having intellect that "defies categorization."

That's what we like to hear.


5. Fierce female friendships

While she has yet to make an appearance this season, Angie Martinelli stole our hearts last season when she and Carter became fast friends (potential gal pals, if you will). It seems that while Peggy's friendships with Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Stark are hugely important, so is Peggy having a female friend to fight the good fight with her.

Here's hoping Angie makes an appearance sooner rather than later.



What it comes down to is this: Agent Carter is one of the most wonderfully feminist shows we have on TV right now. It's a treasure. I'd ask anyone who has not seen it yet to give it a shot. 

In a world full of shows about men, made for men, by men, Carter is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, but it's also just a great show in itself. We're talking super high quality here, folks.

And, hopefully, if enough people fall in love with it as much as we have, we'll see Peggy Carter on our screens for years to come.

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