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Back to the Bayou with Louisiana Lesbians

Back to the Bayou with Louisiana Lesbians

Stand-up comic and out lesbian Jen Kober, an LA transplant who's married in the great state of California, recently headed back home to Louisiana to perform for the home team of Louisiana Lesbians, whom she says are 'so damned cool.'

Last week I came back down to my hometown of Lake Charles, La. to perform a Valentine's Day Show.  We had sold a lot of tickets and had a great line-up, and everyone was excited for the love-filled night of laughter.  During my stand-up show I always talk to the crowd.  I don't want to know everyone's life story or anything, but I do like to get a feel for the room -- who's from where? Who does what? Who's sleeping with who? The small town girl in me needs the scoop! 

I asked the audience if anyone was celebrating an anniversary, as getting married on Valentine's Day always seemed like the perfect romantic cliché.  A short haired woman in the front row quickly spoke up. "Me and her's been married for one year today!  Woohoo!"  Louisiana Lesbians are so damn cool--they have all the stereotypical signs of being dykes--spiked hair, wallets on a chain, pick up trucks covered in rainbow stickers...

But people seem to let it slide as one of those things they just don't think about because Louisiana Lesbians are always the life of the party.  And there's one thing you better have in Louisiana, and that's respect for party time.  She held up her wife's hand like they had just hit the Lotto, and screamed again, "I love this woman, man.  She is AWESOME! And we love you Jen!" Just then something so seemingly odd happened.  Everyone started cheering and clapping for them.  This woman's love and passion and excitement ignited the room! The joy of seeing her finally get to shout to the world how she felt and who she loved moved everyone.  It was an electric moment, and I tingled when it happened.

Living in California it is easy to take for granted the ease with which I show affection for my own wife.  We never think twice about holding hands or kissing in public when we are on the west coast, but I have noticed that here we are much more affectionate once we are back home.  I can see people wince when I introduce them to my wife Susan, and even some of our good friends still call us girlfriends.  Being down here has made me appreciate the open-minded nature of others, and I am more and more convinced that being down here is a good thing.  Showing these folks that we are just like them -- married with pets and kids and mortgages and worries and hopes and dreams.  It is not always easy and can be down right awkward sometimes. But I stared the first time I saw two girls holding hands, so I can hardly blame anyone else for it. 

I read somewhere that Lesbians were thought by many to be the highest form of evolution,  Finally, some Darwinism I can get behind!  Happy Mardi Gras to all my sisters of Sappho who are celebrating this week.  Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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