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Recession Proof Valentines Day Dates for a Girl on a Budget

Recession Proof Valentines Day Dates for a Girl on a Budget

Don’t have a lot to spend on your Valentine? That’s no reason not to have a memorable and romantic celebration with the lady in your life. Take a look at these ideas to take the commercialism out of your V-Day celebration and get down to the heart of the matter with these simple and inventive ideas for a sweet-yet-cheap Valentines Day.

Don’t have a lot to spend on your Valentine? That’s no reason not to have a memorable and romantic celebration with the lady in your life.

Check out 14 recession proof Valentines Day ideas to spoil your partner without breaking the bank. Take your girlfriend dancing in your living room, plan a private at-home sexy spa night, or make her the ultimate mix USB drive to prove you’re digitally romantic.

1. Stay in and serve dinner for two.

Selectively splurge on fine ingredients (lobster, truffle oil, steak) or fancy wine but you’ll instantly save over 50% by cooking it at home. Make it memorable with candles, small portions (no one wants to feel stuffed on the love holiday!), and dress up like you're dining in the most fancy foodery around.

2. Go dancing in your own living room.

Plan out a lengthy playlist featuring danceable songs that set the mood for love. (Slow songs by Adele, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Robin Thicke, Michael Buble are tops, or any music that means something significant to you both.) Move the furniture, create some mood lighting, and set up a bar stocked with your honey’s favorite drink. You now have bottle service and complete privacy.

3. Try a naughty game night.

Play strip anything: Strip Wii sports, strip Scrabble (using only naughty words for added effect), strip Queen's Cup, strip Twister, strip Scene It: Twilight Edition. As long as you both enjoy the game and you’re playing for articles of clothing, it’s going to be hot. Have a bottle of wine open to loosen up the first round.

4. Make a romance mix.

It seems old fashioned but people love a music mix. CD’s are the basic minimum, but why not go 2011 by filling a USB drive with 100+ songs you know your Valentine will love? Throw in a heartfelt love letter, poem, or some naughty pictures and be digitally romantic!

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5. Hit the best strip club in town.

For spicy fun, go enjoy the eye candy and spend a randy couple of hours warming up for a hot night; it's still a lot less than a fancy dinner with champagne. 

6. Do your own stripping at home.

Sit your woman down with a drink, then set the mood with lighting and a sexy tune (Try “S&M” or “Skin” by Rihanna). Tease then please; give her the ultimate lap dance with a special ending.  

7. Try role-playing.

Pretend you're strangers and pick up on her at the bar, try out some new toys, cruise each other online— whatever your fantasy may be. Just talk to your partner about the ideas first, so you’re both fully on board for a kinky Valentines.

8. Pamper her with an at home spa night.

Chill champagne, light candles around the tub, and pick up bath oils and scrubs from the drugstore. Have her robe clean and ready to slip on, and then lavish your lucky lady with at-home treatments. Finish with a full body massage that includes aromatic oils. 

9. Send your Valentine on a sexy scavenger hunt.

Text your lady clues to meet you at a significant spot (the bar where you met, make out spot with a view, etc.) where you’ll be waiting with treats, a card, or dinner. It will make for a night she'll never forget.

10. Make a dessert bar in the bedroom.

Chocolate syrup, a paintbrush or two and whipped cream (and some spare sheets) are all you need. After getting messy, clean up is a snap (and quite fun); just move the show to the shower.

11. Give your girl love on the go.

Put hot coffee in a travel mug, then wrap a bagel or breakfast sandwich up and put them in her car before she leaves for work in the morning. Slip a mix CD in the dash, hide a love note or naughty pic under the visor, and leave a map of where to meet you that night. Your chick will be excitedly anticipating your evening together all day.

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12. So she’s not a classic romantic?

Skip the over-priced roses and get her a bouquet of Snickers bars, lube, beers from all over the world, scratcher tickets, panties or camisoles instead. It’s a lot more personal and she will feel flattered in a way that’s totally comfortable.

13. Save cash with smart choices.

Make reservations at a restaurant with no corkage fee (BYOB/BYOW), or just enjoy the main meal at the restaurant and leave the pleasurable additions (appetizers, desserts, etc.) for home to keep the bill comfortably low.

14. Give Valentine's Day in a box.

Grab a large box and fill it with everything you need for a night of uninterrupted bliss: wine, opener, glasses, chocolates, condoms, lube, music, a movie, cheese, bread, a blanket, massage oil, ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, blindfold, toys—whatever puts you in the mood. Present the box, and yourself, with a bow to your sweetie and let the rest of the world disappear for one night.

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