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Prince William Had A Gay Night Out In Poland & We Must Stan

Prince William Had A Gay Night Out In Poland & We Must Stan

Prince William
Michal Zaczynski/Instagram

We live for a relatable (future) king.


Diners in a gay restaurant in Warsaw, Poland were in for a royal surprise when Prince William arrived and sat down for a bite — reportedly he had a gay old time.

Fellow patron Michal Zaczynski surreptitiously posted snaps of William on his IG story.

Buetero Bistro, which describes itself as a “queer space,” hosted William for a meal when, according to The Daily Mail, his team from Kensington Palace booked a reservation at the local restaurant, which was near where they were working, and the prince chose to join them.

“He asked them what they were doing and then asked to come along,” an insider told The Daily Mail. “It was a great night by all accounts. The team really appreciated him asking to join them.”

No one was more surprised by William’s arrival than the restaurant’s owner, Pawel Zasim, who shared that the reservation for 11 was booked for a woman named Daisy for her birthday. He had “absolutely no idea” who was about to walk through his door.

“But then a bodyguard appeared and said that this wasn’t going to be a Daisy birthday party, and then Prince William walked in,” Zasim recounted.

Willam ordered a “sandwich in a braided roll with pulled pork,” Zasim happily shared. “He ate everything, so I think he liked it.”

While no official statement has been made as to why William and his team chose an explicitly “queer space,” some are interpreting it as the royal’s allyship to the LGBTQ+ community in Poland, who certainly need and appreciate the support.

Poland is considered one of the worst countries in the European Union when it comes to gay rights, as laid out by the 2022 ILGA-Europe report. The country does not recognize same-sex marriage, and the report warns that “an increasing number of Polish LGBTQ people are leaving the country as the political situation continues to worsen.”

William was officially in the country in a surprise visit to affirm Britain’s support in their ongoing assistance with refugees displaced by Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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