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7 Things Gym Rats Are Tired of Hearing

7 Things Gym Rats Are Tired of Hearing

7 Things Gym Rats Are Tired of Hearing

Gym rats, or as I prefer to call them, gym unicorns, love going to the gym. Yes, I know, DUH. But while we love going to the gym, there are things we are frankly tired of hearing.

1. How little do you eat?

So that’s the wrong question. You should be asking, “How much do you eat?” Gym unicorns eat a ton. We have to because we burn so many calories, and we’re always trying to make gains. We just skip the fats to stay lean.   

2. Are you on steroids?

Steroid use is a lot more ubiquitous than you might think, especially in the gay community. You know how he has biceps the size of your leg? If they don’t look real… It’s because they’re not. Or rather, they’re real, just not natural. If a guy is on steroids, and wants to talk about it, he’ll offer up that information. If not, don’t ask.  

3. How often do you go to the gym?

A lot. Obviously, a lot.

4. How do you even get abs like that?

It’s ~magic~ No… it’s hard work, planks, and passing on desserts.

5. Seriously, you can’t skip the gym even one day to hang out?

That’s the thing about the gym. If you skip one day to hang out with a friend, you’ll skip the next day to hang out with another friend. There’s always a reason to skip the gym. It has to come first, so please, don’t guilt us. We will see you. We will make time for you. We do plan ahead because our life isn’t only about the gym, but we really don’t want to skip the gym if we don’t have to. 

6. That’s a lot of chicken.

Yep, we like our protein.

7. Can you flex?

Urgh, fine, yes I can. (We have to at least put in the front that it’s annoying, but let’s get real for a second, we love the attention.)

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