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8 Reasons to Date a HSM (Highly Sensitive Man)

8 Reasons to Date a HSM (Highly Sensitive Man)

8 Reasons to Date a HSM (Highly Sensitive Man)

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a psych term that became popular in the 1990s. It’s suspected that 15-20% of the population is HSP. These people have an innate trait that makes them process sensory data more deeply, due to the biological nature of their nervous system. This is just another way of saying that people who are highly sensitive get stimulated a little more easily and intensely than people who are not highly sensitive. It’s important to note that high sensitivity is not only limited to physical sensations, but also translates to emotions.

Because of this, highly sensitive people actually have some qualities that make them ideal partners. While heteronormative and hypermasculine society thinks of being highly sensitive as a weakness, especially in men, we’re here to prove them wrong.

Here are 8 reasons to you should date highly sensitive men (HSM).

1. Empathetic
HSM are deeply empathic. They’re not only sensitive and aware of their own feelings, but also attune with the emotions of others. They sometimes care “too much” for others, putting their partners before themselves. 

2. Have a preference for deeply meaningful conversations
HSM desire real conversations that go past the superficial. HSM like to share what’s on their mind and explore concepts that go beyond mainstream media.  

3. Incredible readers of nonverbal communication
HSM pick up on subtleties, which includes body language. So when you’re angry and being passive-aggressive, they’ll know, and be able to tend to whatever is actually upsetting you.

4. Greater awareness of verbal and emotional subtleties
HSM read between the lines and pick up on tones as well as the hidden meanings behind what you say. So if you, yourself, are not a great communicator, HSM can help you better express yourself.

5. Value alone time
HSM know they get easily stimulated and overwhelmed, so they value their time to themselves to relax and recuperate.

6. Loyal
HSM are deeply loyal. Once they build an emotional bond with someone, they don’t let go of it easily. They will defend you to the end. 

7. Good with details
Being hyperaware of most things, HSM are great with details and staying organized.

8. Thoughtful, deeply introspective, and highly aware of what they’re feeling
A combination of many of the reasons above, HSM are thoughtful, deeply introspective, and highly aware of what they’re feeling. These attributes make for caring, sensitive, and all-around fabulous partners.

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