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18 Things I’d Do To Nyle DiMarco If He Were My Boyfriend

18 Things I’d Do To Nyle DiMarco If He Were My Boyfriend

I promise you, I’m not obsessed.


Nyle DiMarco is bae. Nyle DiMarco is not my bae, but damn I wish he were.

If you don’t relate to the above statement, this article probably isn’t for you. However, if like me you long to get lost in those pools of turquoise water he calls eyes, then continue to read as we embark on a fantastical journey chronicling 19 things I’d totally do to Nyle DiMarco if he was my boyfriend - and you totally would too.

1. Smize into his eyes.

2. Wink at him like he winks at me.

3. Make him recreate this epic same-sex dance together.

4. Groom his perfectly hairy chest.

5. Fall asleep on his perfectly manscaped chest.

6. Convince him to buy this dog together.

7. Stare longingly into his eyes.

8. Force him to celebrate the holidays wearing this.

9. Rub against his scruff obsessively.

10. Remind him every day (in sign language) how beautiful he is. *googles how to sign language gorgeous*

11. Grind on him like I’m this chick.

12. Tease him - using only non-verbal cues of course.

13. Take his shirt off for him because clearly he needs help.

14. In every fight, admit he was right…because cuteness.

15. Give him the preference in the bedroom.

16. Force him to play basketball for the pure enjoyment of watching him run in basketball shorts.

17. Try to keep myself from grabbing his ass in public.


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