Research Reveals What We Hoped About “NO FEM” Gay Profiles

Zachary Zane

They’re everywhere. Masc profiles. MASC ONLY. NO FEMS. Not looking for effeminate guys. Real men ONLY. No girly dudes. Some guys think they’re being polite because they throw in a sorry, it's just a preference, at the end of it. As if that makes it better...

Well it turns out, maschole, you don’t need to be sorry at all because the rest of us gay and bi men out there think of you as raging d*cks. And no, not in the good way.  

The study, published in the September edition of Computers in Humans Behavior, was titled, “Masculine Guys Only”: The effects of femmephobic mobile dating application profiles on partner selection for men who have sex with men. The research looked at, as the title might suggest, gay profile apps and how men perceive profiles/other men who use femmephobic language.

They sample size consisted of 144 queer men. The average age was 27. Eighty-four percent identified as gay, 13% as bisexual, and 3% identified as other (pansexual, polysexual, straight).

Here are the results. The men with bullshit real men only type profiles were thought to be significantly less intelligent, significantly less sexually confident, and significantly less dateable. In essence, they’re not the brightest, not great in bed, and not suitable partners. Or even more specifically, they suck.

There was one group of men, however, who actually liked these profiles, not thinking the masc only men were the absolute worst. As you might guess, they were the other men who held anti-effeminate views. *Cue major eye roll*

Honestly, I’m kinda all for the MASC ONLY guys putting it on their profiles. It lets us know right off the bat that these guys are terrible, and whenever they hit me up, I get to troll them by saying I’m “FEM AND FABBBBUUUULLLOOOUUUSSSS.”

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