Orochimaru, the Popular Naruto Villain, Is Non-binary

Raffy Ermac

A fan-favorite villain in the Naruto universe just came out as non-binary, reports PinkNews

In a recent episode of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, Orochimaru—a powerful shinobi who has taken many forms throughout the course of the long-running and popular anime and manga series—revealed to their son Mitsuki that they don't identify as a man or a woman exclusively. 

"Are you my father or mother?" Mitsuki asks. 

"That’s a silly question. There have been times when I was a man and times a woman," Orochimaru replies. "Outside appearances don’t matter. The will to uncover all truth, that is the core of my being."

Obviously, fans had all sorts of feelings with a reveal of this magnitude.

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