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This Captain Marvel Deleted Scene Is Triggering Fanboys

This 'Captain Marvel' Deleted Scene Is Triggering Fanboys

This 'Captain Marvel' Deleted Scene Is Triggering Fanboys

Apparently a strong woman is a "villain" for sticking up to a man harassing her.


Marvel Studio's Captain Marvelabsolutely killed it at the box office during it's theatrical release and was heralded by critics for being super empowering (especially since it was the MCU's first woman-led, woman-directed fim). But because we can't have nice things, fragile fanboys are still complaining and crying that Carol Danvers (played by Oscar winner Brie Larson) is somehow the worst thing to ever happen to superheroes in the history of ever. 

In a recently-released deleted scene from the movie, our titular hero is seen being verbally harassed by some motorcyle-riding creep who asks her to smile for him. (Ewww!!) When she goes to shake the douchelord's hand, she easily crushes it and demands that he gives up his motorcycle and leather jacket for her to use. 

"What, no smile?" she responds in the most badass way imagineable.

When some Twitter users found out about the scene, they wasted no time in complaining, even going as far as to call Carol Danvers a "villain." (Because standing up for yourself and giving a bad guy his just desserts apparently makes you a villain???)

Fortunately, plenty of fans (including pop queen Halsey!) rushed in to stand up for Captain Marvel and call out the dudebros for their weird double standard of calling a woman superhero a "villain" when plenty of other male superheroes have done far worse things:

Watch Carol Danvers handle her business in the deleted scene below. Captain Marvel is available on digital now and comes out Blu-Ray/DVD on June 11

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