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16 Problems Associated with Having the Same Style As Your Girlfriend

16 Problems Associated with Having the Same Style As Your Girlfriend

16 Problems Associated with Having the Same Style As Your Girlfriend

It can be a blessing and a curse, but it's all how you look at it.


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1. Accidentally matching is a very real problem.


The lesbian uniform

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This won't stop, so just embrace it and don't fight it.

2. You have such similar wardrobes that you'll catch yourself wearing each others clothes.

Wait, isn't that my v-neck grey tee?

3. Your shoes will also become free reign.

Feel blessed if you two have different size feet. Seriously.

4. If you walk into Uniqlo, it's likely you'll argue over who's going to buy that shirt you both picked out.

So just accept it, and get the damn shirt.

5. Even when you aren't shopping together, you'll end up buying the same thing.

Plus it's way more to get excited over it than angry.

6. When you are getting ready together. you'll match without even trying.

Or doing that weird checkerboard thing, when you're wearing the same colors, just on opposite parts of your body.

7. You'll understand that things can get worse in the twinning arena, when you both get the same haircut.

All you can do is own it.

8. It can get even weirder if you're both the same nationality because then people will think you're related.

Because sisters/cousins who spend a lot of time together usually dress/look alike.

9. You can even get into the territory where you no longer look like a couple, but instead like friends.


#matchingoutfits #notplanned @tayyyy_n

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And then people get doubly weirded out when you engage in PDA.

10. It can make buying gifts for birthdays and holidays really easy.

Because all you have to do is shop for yourself!

11. And then, once you're past the fact that you have almost the exact same wardrobe, you can just start buying doubles of stuff you like!

Treat yo self!

12. But be ready for girls to hit on you (or your girl) in front of you.

Because when two femmes, two studs or two butches are sitting together, nobody thinks you're together.

13. Which can be really justifying to correct, because you're shattering relationship norms!

And it opens the eyes of other women loving women everywhere. You're like a homo-hero!

14. You'll both lament the same problems you have with different clothing brands.

Like the fact that so-and-so brand's shirts are long enough, and that other brand's denim washes fade too quickly.

15. And you'll share all the knowledge you have about awesome new brands that address said problems.

"Have you looked at Wildfang's new pants? We need them all."

16. But most importantly, you'll always think you both look damn good.


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