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Book Excerpt: 'L World' by Taryn Rose

Book Excerpt: 'L World' by Taryn Rose

As part of our effort to profile more authors within the LGBT community, we present Taryn Rose.

When Taryn is not weaving sexy tales of female lust, longing, and betrayal, she can be seen people watching at one of her favorite lesbian hot spots in New York City. Before embarking on her literary career, Taryn spent five years as an associate at a national law firm specializing in bankruptcy and financial restructuring, fantasizing about writing novels instead of briefs. When she caught herself changing the facts of a case to make it sound more interesting, she had a feeling it was time to move on. Taryn has been quoted in RT Magazine and, as well as being an All Romance Ebook bestseller. Her first book, L World, was recently released by Ravenous Romance and has received highly positive reviews from Night Owl Reviews and CherryGrrl. L World is available as an ebook or in paperback here. Get more information on Taryn Rose on her website

The summary:

Blake Sanders, a partner at a top Manhattan law firm and newly minted divorcee, is shocked to find herself lusting after her sexy female hairstylist. But when her trendy tufts are not at all what she imagined, Blake’s fiery temper takes over and she stiffs the hottie who fashioned them.

After her new look causes a splash at work, Blake has a change of heart and returns to the salon with a generous tip for Janie, the sexy stylist, only to find her cozying up with another woman on her way out. Intrigued, she follows the pair downtown to a Greenwich Village bar called “L World.”

When Blake discovers that her fantasy girl is an out and proud lesbian, her attraction to Janie becomes very real. She pursues her, setting in motion a torrid affair that turns both women's lives upside down, leaving a trail of damage behind.

Here is an excerpt from L World by Taryn Rose:

The waiter came and Blake struggled with whether or not to order oysters. Assuming this is a date,is that too obvious a move? Are they really an aphrodisiac? Is that even a real thing? Blake took a step back and wondered how she went from decisively leading a creditors meeting to a total mess. She was so sure of herself at work and now she was freaking out over oysters. In that moment, she realized how badly she wanted something to happen with Janie tonight, and her heart pounded.

“Oysters, please,” she ordered.

“On the half-shell, Madam?”

“Yes, thank you.”

The well-groomed waiter nodded.

“So what did you think of the gang at L World?” Janie asked.

“What an eclectic group,” Blake replied, and sat back in her seat.

“Right? How about that Dominique?”

“She was such sweetheart, so welcoming,” Blake said.

“And Brianna’s hilarious, right?”

“I wouldn’t want to cross that woman, let me tell you,” Blake said, and Janie laughed. “But seriously, she and Sofi are such a great couple. I don’t even know them and I’m so happy for them.”

“Hopefully you will know them. All of them. I mean it, Blake,” she said and put her hand on Blake’s, sending a thrill up Blake’s spine. “You should really come to L World and hang out with us. Everyone gave you the thumbs up,” said Janie.

“Even, what’s her name, in the plaid?”

“Don’t worry about Ricki,” Janie laughed a bit nervously. “She doesn’t like anyone.”

“She seems to like you a lot. What’s the deal with you guys anyway?” Blake asked the million-dollar question. Or was it the martini that did the asking?

“You know, it’s like you were saying before about your ex-husband. I think we’re just really good friends. We know each other so well, but something’s missing.”

“And she doesn’t feel the same way?”

“Why are we talking about Ricki? I want to talk about you. You are so much more interesting, Blake” Janie said, and she lightly stroked Blake’s newly-naked ring finger with her fingertip, sending a wave of desire through Blake. Blake felt like a dumb guy, easily seduced by the fluttering of eyelashes.

She sucked down an oyster and picked up another. “Have one, Janie,” Blake said, and Janie seemed to freeze. “Aren’t you having?”

“Oh gosh, I feel bad saying what I’m about to say.”

Oh no. This isn’t a date.Bad move on the oysters, Blake.

“But I’m more of a meat and potatoes kind of girl.”

“Oh no, you hate seafood.”

Janie scrunched her face. “I’m sorry I should have said something earlier, but you were really excited about coming here.”

“I feel like such an idiot. I didn’t even ask you what kind of food you like.” But in truth, Blake was relieved the date was still on.

“Don’t worry about it, really. It’s so nice here. And I don’t mind salmon. Besides, I feel like we’re on a cruise ship,” she said, and looked up at the brown-shaded lamps that hung from the ceiling.

Blake thought about how much she would love to take a cruise with Janie and had a vision of the two of them overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on cushioned chaise lounges sipping Piña Coladas, feeding each other the pineapple slice garnish.

Their meals came, and conversation flowed like the vodka. Blake had unwittingly inched her chair so close to Janie’s that their legs brushed up against each other, practically punctuating each sentence. And neither of them were wearing hose. Gotta love summertime, Blake thought.

For dessert, Blake ordered a warm flourless chocolate cake.

“Mmm, that’s sooo good. You have to try it,” she said and dug into it with her spoon, liquid chocolate oozing out the middle. She raised her spoon to Janie’s mouth. “Here you go,” she said and fed Janie.

“Oh my God, that’s heaven,” Janie’s eyes widened, and she licked her lips full of sweet, chocolate goo. “Try my custard brownie,” she said, and sliced a piece off with her fork. She inserted it into Blake’s mouth.

“Mmm, delish,” Blake said, detecting hints of espresso and cinnamon in the rich, cake-like mass.

They continued to feed each other, almost oblivious to their salivating waiter and other onlookers. At the end of the meal, Blake handed him her Black Amex card.

“Thank you Madam, Mademoiselle,” he nodded and winked at them knowingly. He moved each of their chairs back to assist with their departure. As they walked out, Blake said, “Don’t you love how I’m Madam and you’re Mademoiselle?”

“Ooh, you’re sensitive,” Janie needled her. “I’m making a mental note,” she said and tickled Blake in her side.

Fiftieth Street was deserted and they could see stars between the skyscrapers. It made Blake feel romantic, like Manhattan belonged to her and Janie alone. As they strolled aimlessly, reveling in each other’s company, Janie’s wrap fell off her shoulder and Blake put it back in its place. They stopped walking and Janie looked up into Blake’s urgent green eyes.

“Thanks,” Janie whispered, “but I wasn’t cold.”

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