'Lesbian Chic' Is a Hot Fall Trend, Style.com Says

'Lesbian Chic' Is a Hot Fall Trend, Style.com Says

For all the lesbians out there who have felt marginalized and invisible in recent years, Style has some reassuring news: Don’t worry, lesbians are trendy now.

In an article titled “The Conversation,” the fashion site names the hot topics of fall fashion and asks the burning question on everyone’s mind: “Is lesbian chic here to stay?”

(This, along with: “Is the portfolio bag the least practical accessory ever?” and “Will anyone wear the Marc Jacobs fur hat?”)

The answer, apparently, is yes. Because, you know, with the rise of “lesbian chic” in the early ’90s and the lesbian-feminist movement of the ’70s, lady loving becomes all the rage every 20 years or so.

Kicking off with the emphatic revelation, “Lesbians! They’re everywhere,” the article mentions several high-profile fashionistas who have recently paired up with other women, a “phenomenon” that has even spread across the pond to Britain.

Of course, in a field where “trying to catch a straight man in fashion is like trying to catch a rainbow,” this means we might see more of the fashion industry’s ladies veering off the straight catwalk into some uncharted lesbian territory, the article suggests. So there you have it ladies, when you can't find the right straight guy to love just turn to each other. It's just that simple to turn the lesbian chic switch on and off. 

But what does “lesbian chic” look like? According to Style, it has something to do with Air Jordans, baseball caps and combat boots, which have been worn by the likes of Rihanna recently.

So naturally, this is undeniable proof that the lesbian style and lifestyle are trending like a Twitter hashtag.

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