San Antonio High Schoolers Petition After Yearbook Yanks Photo of Lesbian Couple

San Antonio High Schoolers Petition After Yearbook Yanks Photo of Lesbian Couple
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Once school officials nixed a loving photo of San Antonio high school student Felicia Rivera and her girlfriend holding hands in a photo on the yearbook’s Valentine’s Day couples page, Rivera took action and began collecting signatures to petition the photo be reinstated, according to

The school photographer at Brennan High School shot a photo of Rivera and her girlfriend holding hands, a photo school officials later deemed was “too intimate” and violated the student handbook policy regarding public displays of affection.

The Brennan High School campus handbook states, “Embracing or kissing is not an accepted practice on the school campus.  Lack of cooperation by students can result in parent conferences and/or disciplinary action.”

Sixteen-year-old Rivera has thus far collected about 200 signatures from fellow students in hopes of getting the photo placed back into the yearbook.

Rivera has the support of her father Felix Rivera, who said the school’s decision to yank the photo was discriminatory.

"They were fine with it until they realized it was girl-girl," said Felix. "It got placed, it got set and it was going to print and then it got pulled."

While the Riveras view the incident as prejudicial, the school’s director of public information Pasqual Gonzalez said that all students are welcomed in the district.

"We make no judgment about students' sexual orientation or anything else like that,” Gonzales said.

In the wake of the yearbook kerfuffle Rivera and her girlfriend hope to start an equality club at their high school, according to KVUE. 

KVUE did not make it clear if the above photo is indeed the yearbook photo in question. 

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