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WATCH: An Airtight Argument for Bisexuality

WATCH: An Airtight Argument for Bisexuality

WATCH: An Airtight Argument for Bisexuality

Because it's really real.

I don't know how, in 2014, that we are still having the debate about whether or not bisexuality is a real thing (newsflash: it IS).  This is on par with the ongoing debate on whether or not the female G spot exists.  So, basically, in order to easily solve both of these questions, all you have to do is ask a woman or a bisexual person and you will get your answer.  Something like this:

To a woman:
You: Hi, have you ever had a G spot orgasm?  Does it exist?
Her: Yes.
To a bisexual man or woman or transgender person:
You: Hi, are you bisexual?
Him/Her: Yes.
Granted, I'm not telling you all to go around just asking random strangers whether or not they have g spots or what their sexuality is, but if someone outright tells you what they are, sexuality wise, you would be remiss to question them or try to tell them otherwise (I run into this problem way too often when I tell people I'm a lesbian).  Which is why I've coined the following rule:
Katie's Golden Rule of Self-Reported Sexuality: 
If someone tells you that they are gay/straight/bi/pansexual/etc. then that is what they are.  You do not live inside their head, you do not feel their feelings, you do not know who they are attracted to and to what degree.  So if they are telling you which label feels most comfortable to them, BELIEVE IT.  
Think about it.  Say you're an interior designer.  Someone asks you what you do for a living.  You say, "I'm an interior designer."  What if instead of "Oh cool" their response was "No you're not, you just haven't found the right real estate firm yet," or "Are you sure that interior designers are even a real thing?  Aren't you really just on your way to becoming an architect and that is truly who you are?"
I mean, how fucking jarring would that be if people, especially strangers, reacted skeptically or downright dismissive of whatever way you define yourself.  Well, that's what gay people, and these days especially bi people, deal with on a constant basis.  This man got tired of being questioned about his bisexuality and decided to make a video about it.  Rather than spoil anything I'll just leave him to wow you with his flawless logic (and he's not bad to look at either--and I'm saying that as a lesbian).  

Advocate Channel - HuluOut / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff and Wayne Brady

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