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More LGBTQ+ Folks Are Kissing in Public, Tinder Survey Reveals

More LGBTQ+ Folks Are Kissing in Public, Tinder Survey Reveals

More LGBTQ+ Folks Are Kissing in Public, Tinder Survey Reveals

Survey rights! 


Tinder is looking introspectively at its LGBTQ+ users and survey rights! 

The dating app enlisted Savanta to survey over 1,000 LGBTQ+ people between the ages of 18 and 45, including non-Tinder users, and they shared some exciting new insights into the world of dating. 

Here's what they found: 

 - Nearly 1 in 3 LGBTQ+ adults say they did not formally come out and 38 percent said its less important to them because of society's normalization of queer people

- 28 percent of people say the decrease in LGBTQ+ stigma has made it easier to date

- Of the 68 percent who said they shared their identity publically, 20 percent came out on social media

- 48 percent of LGBTQ+ adults say that it is important their date be involved in community issues and outside of looks and personality, 26 percent say active involvement in LGBTQ+ organizations or causes is important to them

- The LGBTQ community's highest priority issues, according to those surveyed, include bullying (62 percent), teen/youth suicide (58 percent), and transgender rights (50 percent)

- When it comes to PDA, 72 percent of LGBTQ+ people are comfortable hugging on a date, 64 percent are down to hold hands, and 54 percent are okay with kissing publicly. 57 percent of Tinder users were comfortable with kissing compared to 46 percent of non-Tinder users. 38 percent of Gen Z surveyors were comfortable holding hands in public compared to 29 percent 

- 27 percent of LGBTQ+ people say the pressure to be in a relationship has lessened in the last 5 years, 58 percent of those were under the age of 39

- Sexual orientation is less important to Gen Z than other generations when it comes to dating. 44 percent of everyone surveyed said a label was important in choosing a potential partner, 39 percent of those were Gen Z while 58 percent were Gen X 

- 80 percent of LGBTQ+ adults believe online dating and apps have a positive impact on the community. 52 percent said it's made them easier to be themselves and 45 percent say it's easier to explore their own identities

- 79 percent of LGBTQ+ adults believe that there is less stigma today around the community than five years ago because of the normalization of different sexual orientations. 50 percent of Tinder users agreed compared to 39 percent of non-Tinder user

- 42 percent of the people who believe Tinder has a positive impact say it's easier to date people of different sexual orientations and 38 percent enjoy the race and culture diversity

- 52 percent of LGBTQ+ adults say they use dating apps that include all sexual orientations over a specifically gay app

- Over the last five years, 27 percent of LGBTQ people are more open to dating different genders or orientation

While the survey has provided some exciting new insights on LGBTQ+ dating habits and trends, Tinder still hasn't addressed the concerns of transgender people who have been banned from the app for simply existing.

If enough Tinder users report a single profile, the account is automatically banned for breaking community guidelines. That power is unfairly wielded by cisgender users to ban transgender folks and if you take a scroll through Twitter, it seems like it's still happening today.

Tinder has been sued by a trans woman for that exact reason and the company spoke on the processes without offering much of a solution.  

"​Each banned account is individually assessed. If we find that a user has been wrongfully banned, then we unban their account. This includes instances when transgender users are reported by others but haven't violated any of our community standards," said the company. "We do not ban users from Tinder due to gender identity. At Tinder, we fundamentally believe that gender is not binary and we support inclusivity and acceptance of all people, which is why we offer more than 37 gender identity options for our users in the United States."

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