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The Call Me by Your Name Trailer Dropped (And So Have Our Jaws)

The 'Call Me by Your Name' Trailer Dropped (And So Have Our Jaws)

The 'Call Me by Your Name' Trailer Dropped (And So Have Our Jaws)

My full name is now Armie Hammer Playing Beach Volleyball In Lombardy.


Luca Guadagnino's Sundance-approved film rendition of the 2007 André Aciman novel, Call Me By Your Name, dropped its trailer on Vulture earlier this morning. Critics are already whispering "Oscar contender," and in somewhat related news, I'm wrecked and unlikely to recover anytime soon.

The film revolves around young, confident, college-bound Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), raised by a family of academics and artists, and Oliver (Armie Hammer), the Perlmans' intern of sorts for the summer who shakes up everything for their unwitting son. 


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Set in the Lomardy region of Italy, the trailer paints scenes of sun-bleached summer days, the confusion and angst so common with first loves (or first lusts), and weaves it all into an entrancing, sun-saturated reverie lullabied with a fresh track from Sufjan Stevens—yet another heartthrob.


Mark your calendars for Nov. 24, when the film's set for release in the US, and consider reading Aciman's novel in the meantime!


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