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This Lez Bomb Clip Shows the Struggle to Come Out to Mom Is Real

PRIDE Editor

In the upcoming film Lez Bomb, Lauren (played by Jenna Laurenzo) wants to bring her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving to meet the family—the only problem is her mom doesn't know that.

In this exclusive clip from the movie, Lauren attempts to explain that the woman she is about to bring home is more than a friend, but her mother, Rose (Deirdre O'Connell), is glued to her phone. The scene delivers a super-relatable, cringe-worthy depiction of life that queer audiences can definitely relate to (because many of us have been there!). Lauren is searching for the perfect moment to come out to her family, but in this eccentric, multigenerational comedy, Lauren learns there is no good time to drop a Lez Bomb

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