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The Best Song Recommendations from #KanyeAnalPlaylist

The Best Song Recommendations from #KanyeAnalPlaylist

The Best Song Recommendations from #KanyeAnalPlaylist

It looks like all of the Kanye West/Amber Rose drama isn't going to be dying down any time soon. 

Earlier this week, Kanye slut-shamed his feminist ex during a Twitter rant against rapper Wiz Khalifa, and in an effort to stop him at his own game, Amber sent out an epic tweet detailing his alleged love for having his rear end "played" with.

After Amber effectively called out Kanye for being problematic, the Twitter community also took it upon themselves to drag him as well. This culminated in the hilarious hashtag #KanyeAnalPlaylist, which starting trending earlier this morning after one Twitter user decided to start it.

Basically, people are recommending what songs they think would set the vibe for whenever Kanye is ready to get it on from behind. The results were comedic genius, and included some pretty awesome song recs.

We don't know about you guys, but this inspires us to go through our iTunes library and make our own, moody, #KanyeAnalPlaylist. Just for fun, of course.

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