God-Des & She ‘Goodbye DADT’ Video Features Real Lesbian Troops, Fans

God-Des & She ‘Goodbye DADT’ Video Features Real Lesbian Troops, Fans

Hip-hop act God-Des and She have released a special new video, “Goodbye DADT,” that pays tribute to lesbian members of the military with real footage.

The video, which is a collection of photos sent in by fans and which highlight the experiences of lesbian troops, received praise from gay rights watch group GLAAD.

The GLAAD blog notes the “Goodbye DADT” music video, “marks the first time that some of the women have been shown in public with their partners. The song for the video, titled “Stand Up,” focuses on the powerful message of “standing up for what you believe in” and inciting change for the better. God-Des and She rap and sing about “not giving up,” “not losing hope,” and the importance of “not just talking revolution,” but “acting revolution” amidst loving images that remind the viewer to press forward for equality.

God-Des and She explained why they are hoping fans, friends, and members of the LGBT community share this video far and wide:

“In honor of DADT being repealed on September 20, 2011 we asked our fans to share their stories and pictures with us.  The stories they sent touched us so much that we decided to produce a video in their honor. We were just saying how sometimes you don’t know why you write a song until years later. We wrote a song called ‘Stand Up’ in 2007, and we now believe this is the reason why.” 

GLAAD is working in mainstream and local media to highlight the stories of LGBT service members past and present. Click here for more info.

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