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Gay Bar to Host 12-Hour Drag Fundraiser for Australian Wildfires

Gay Bar to Host 12-Hour Drag Fundraiser for Australian Wildfires

Gay Bar to Host 12-Hour Drag Fundraiser for Australian Wildfires

The event will take place on "Australia Day."


It’s difficult not to be constantly overwhelmed by all the tragedy happening in the 24 hour news cycle, especially when there’s so much that’s out of our hands at any given time. But one gay bar in London came up with a fantastic way to try to help out with at least one of the awful things currently going on.

Two Brewers is hosting a 12-hour drag-a-thon on Sunday, January 26th in order to raise money for the brushfires happening in Australia.

The fundraiser, which is slated to coincide with Australia Day, will feature 17 acts, including popular local talent as well as Australia-themed performances. From 2pm to 2am, all proceeds from the £8 entry fee will go to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation and in general, “the fire fighters and wildlife affected by the bushfires,” according to a flyer put out by the bar.

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They will also be collecting donations to be put towards fire relief in Australia at the bar, and have started a JustGiving fundraiser online as well.

Australia has been on fire for months now, with millions of acres lost and over a billion animals suspected to have been killed, putting some species on the verge of extinction. Around 25 people have also died from the fires so far, with over 1500 homes being destroyed.

Despite firefighters working to put out the fires on a daily basis, between the current drought and record high temperatures, no one seems to have any idea when this catastrophe will finally come to an end, or what the final toll will be.

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