Tonga's Hunky, Shirtless Flag Bearer Is Making the Internet Thirsty AF

Pita Taufatofua
Zachary Zane

During 2016's Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Pita Taufatofua broke the Internet when he marched in the opening ceremonies shirtless, slathered in coconut oil, carrying the Tongan flag.

Two years later, the Tongan Olympian showed up shirtless yet again...only this time, in freezing weather.

In Brazil, the Olympian competed in Taekwondo. This Olympic season, he's competing as a cross-country skier. It's rare for an Olympian to compete in two different sports during both Winter and Summer games, with only a few dozen Olympians having ever done so before. 

Well Twitter hilariously responded to the Tongan athlete, who once again has fans drooling. 

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