Donald Trump Jr. Launches Twitter Attack on Olympic Skater Adam Rippon

Trump Jr. V.S. Adam Rippon
Brendan Haley

The feud between figure skater/bronze medalist Adam Rippon and Vice President Mike Pence has been continuing throughout the Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the newest development draws the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., to the battlefield.

Weighing in on the openly-gay skater's recent remarks (in which Rippon highly critiques the VP's lacking grasp on reality in regards to his stance on sexuality and LGBT rights), Trump Jr. took to Twitter (his family's seemingly single platform of expression) to criticize Rippon in return:

The President's son, however, is forgetting a series of tweets Pence literally wrote just last week, which were directed toward Rippon and the focus of the Olympic games.

Rippon and his team have stated that Pence previously requested a meeting with the figure skater, to which Pence was denied. Rippon reportedly said he was not interested, especially in light of Pence’s support for anti-LGBT legislation. Rippon has not directly responded to the Trump family Twitter raid, but mentioned the non-skating coverage he's recently merited.

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