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6 After-Sex Stories About the Now What Moments

6 After-Sex Stories About the 'Now What' Moments

6 After-Sex Stories About the 'Now What' Moments

The new series NOW WHAT?! takes us to that moment when the sex is complete and the conversation can get awkward.


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What happens after sex?

Well, some of the usual things. Maybe some cuddles. Some kisses. A shower. Using clean-up towel. Having glass of water. Maybe snoring. But what about some of the conversations after sex? The "pillow talk"? It's different for everyone and depends on the circumstances. Is it the first time with someone you're dating? The millionth time with your husband? A drunken hookup? A Tinder date? Maybe even a "How much do I owe you?" situation?

It may seem inconsequential, or it may be deep, but either way, there's something significant about those "now what?" moments, especially if you're with someone new, someone unfamiliar.

Do you ask a personal question? Do you try to bring up something conversational? Just enjoy the silence? Written and directed by David Millbern, NOW WHAT?! is a new series from Here TV based on true stories that dives into this exact topic. The series stars Paul Galliano and features six episodes, each with a different focus. You can binge the entire season below, but if you'd like to watch the steamy uncut versions, head over to Amazon

1. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Man

What happens after sex if you've paid for it? Do you talk about money? Intimacy?


2. Ex-Squeeze Me?

What if he asks you to do something you consider ... weird? Moo like a cow? Howl like a wolf? How much do you reveal about your sexual fantasies if it doesn't feel like a safe place?


3. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Some of us were raised in conservative churches and constantly told we were sinful. How do you deal with shame?


4. Broke Gay Boys

"There's a problem." Words you never want to hear after sex. Especially when discussing condoms. Talking about health and STI status is critical ... before sex.


5. Tickled Red

When does no mean yes? How about never?


6. Hipster or Homeless?

How much information is too much information? How much do you really need to (or want to) know about someone who is sharing your bed (and bodily fluids)?

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