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What's Going On With Amy From MTV’s Faking it?

What's Going On With Amy From MTV’s Faking it?

What's Going On With Amy From MTV’s Faking it?

The character Amy is going through a sexual awakening trying to figure out, and come to terms with, her sexuality.


[Editor's note: This article contains spoilers] 

MTV’s hit new show Faking It premiered it’s highly anticipated second season last Tuesday evening revealing a new intersex storyline and a continuation of sexually confused Amy's journey. The show picked up where the season one’s finale left off, with Amy and Liam's apparent hookup, in a one-night-stand-morning-after scene that included Amy (Rita Volk) waking up to a naked Liam (Gregg Sulkin) in her bed (we’re voting for an unrated version of Faking It but that’s just us). Amy was almost caught by a frantic Karma (Katie Stevens) who wanted to resolve their fight from the night before, but Amy was more concerned with trying to keep Karma away from noticing the sexcapade that occurred between her best friend and her boyfriend Liam. 



Before we dig into just what's up with Amy we just want to point out that Faking It is going no-holds-barred with diversity. Tune in to the show and you'll encounter a gay male character, a questioning female character, and an intersex character, and we love it! Apparently, so does GLAAD. 

“The show should be getting major brownie points for introducing an intersex storyline. The Faking It cast and crew worked with consultants from intersex youth advocacy group Inter/Act and their parent organization Advocates for Informed Choice to develop Lauren's story and the stories of those in the online support group her character joins. Inter/Act is the first intersex youth advocacy organization,” said a spokesperson for GLAAD, which has been consulting on Faking It's queer characters.

The real coup is, not only did Faking It introduce the intersex storyline but the story was incorporated in to an existing character: the republican, slightly homophobic, beauty queen lookalike Lauren (Bailey De Young). Oh-- that’s good MTV! 



MTV also shared a video interview with an intersex young woman and advocate called “9 Things You Need To Know About Being Intersex.” It looks like the powers that be at MTV have done their homework and will be schooling viewers on what it’s like to be intersex. 

So, with the intersex storyline locked down here’s what we want to know-- what’s up with Amy?

The story so far has been that she is head over heels for long time BFF Karma, which obviously complicates their platonic relationship. But Amy's sleeping with Liam appears to add to her questioning. 



During the season premiere Amy’s mother spies a naked Liam sneaking out of Amy’s window, and with that, mom's hope is renewed that her “lesbian” daughter is now straight. She keeps dropping hints to Amy letting her know to “use protection” and even turns a blind eye to catching Amy with a bound and gagged football player in their garage (there’s dildo’s involved, and it's not quite what it seems). But Amy, confused about why her mother is cool with the S&M scene happening in the garage, confronts her mom only to find out her mother would rather see her sleeping with two boys in less than 24 hours than be in love with a girl. Once Amy confirms that naked Liam escaping from her bedroom was exactly what it appeared to be. The mom says “see you’re straight now” and Amy just says, "No, I’m just confused.”

So does Amy’s rumble in the boudoir with Liam make her Bisexual? Or was it purely sexual and her true attractions are for Karma? That’s the beauty of sexuality: it’s complicated. Wherever Amy decides to identify, if at all, this season it’s going to be a messy bisexual love triangle with Amy and Liam still swooning over Karma while keeping their own tryst a dirty little secret. 

What do you think is going on with Amy? 

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Eliel Cruz

<p>Eliel Cruz is a culture commentator, speaker, and writer on LGBT issues, emphasizing on bisexuality, religion, and media.</p>

<p>Eliel Cruz is a culture commentator, speaker, and writer on LGBT issues, emphasizing on bisexuality, religion, and media.</p>