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'Project Runway' Contestant Stuns Karlie Kloss With Kushner Shade

'Project Runway' Contestant Stuns Karlie Kloss With Kushner Shade

'Project Runway' Contestant Stuns Karlie Kloss With Kushner Shade

"If looks could set a fire..."


Project Runway may not be the cultural touchstone it once was, but this revived version is still chugging along. And where there are fashionable gays, you can damn well bet there’ll be shade.

And it was allllll getting tossed at host Karlie Kloss during the last episode.

Contestant Tyler Neasloney was in the process of being critiqued for a look the judges considered uninteresting and that Kloss said missed the mark. Judge Brandon Maxwell commented that he could “not see Karlie wearing it anywhere, honestly.”

And that’s when Tyler piped up: “Not even to dinner with the Kushners?”

The line was delivered with his usual monotone, but the mere mention of Karlie's family-by-marriage — you know, the one where her brother-in-law is married to Ivanka Trump and embroiled in a number of scandals — is such a blatant negative that all the designers watching from the other room gasped in shock, while Karlie herself was stunned speechless.

After the show, Tyler claimed his comment didn’t mean anything, but Twitter isn't buying it. That shade was dark.

Of course, Kloss has continued to be outspoken about her liberal beliefs, despite marrying into a family with a son who is constantly contributing to the downfall of the entire country. And she definitely downplays her association with the Kushner family. So, honestly? We’re not entirely sure she didn’t appreciate the burn, too. After all, it didn't get left on the cutting room floor.

Unfortunately, Tyler got tossed off the show, and we won't be seeing any more of his savage takes on the Kushner-Kloss connection on the reality competition. And by "savage takes," we mean being the only person who dared to point out Karlie married into that nightmare. And despite his claims that he didn't mean anything by it...well...

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