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Steven Universe Kids Show Features Cartoon Network's First Lead Lesbian Couple

Steven Universe Kids Show Features Cartoon Network's First Lead Lesbian Couple

Steven Universe Kids Show Features Cartoon Network's First Lead Lesbian Couple

We're definitely going to need to add more Cartoon Network to our queue.


It's definitely possible you haven't heard of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe - created by Rebecca Sugar, making her the first woman to solely create a show on the network - but now it's time to turn that around. Since 2013, this kid-geared but adult-enjoyed show which, to quote Gay Star News,  is about "a boy that helps protect the universe with his gem powers alongside his three female sister/mother role models and superheroes Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl," has been making waves in the world of progressive portrayals. It's oft been acclaimed for its strong female characters and exploration of gender and sexuality, and now the co-executive producer Ian Jones-Quarterly has confirmed a relationship between two female characters, making Steven Universe the first show on Cartoon Network to have an openly lesbian couple. 


This revelation shouldn't come as a shock, since the two characters in a question are Ruby and Sapphire, who "dance together" to combine their energies and become Garnet. Many fans of the show assumed this was a classic 'gal pal' situation, but Jones-Quarterly took to Twitter after some quoting got taken out of context to set things straight. Or rather, set things gay. 




Well, there you have it, folks! Twitter-certified proof that times, they are a'changing and same-sex relationships on children's shows will hopefully not seem as taboo as they do now. However, Steven Universe isn't the first animated show to feature queer ladies - Legend of Korra creators confirmed Korra's romantic relationship with Asami and are even devleoping a comic book series that will elaborate on the Nickelodeon show.  Additionally, a lead character of Cartoon Network's Clarence has two moms, voiced in an example of casting genius by Tig Notaro and Lea DeLaria. Sure, we may be lamenting that we didn't get to experience open relationships and characters like these in shows we watched growing up, but here's to a beautiful future! And of course, it really is never too late to start watching Steven Universe.


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