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Pretty Little Liars 'A' Day - Who is A? - Vote

Pretty Little Liars 'A' Day - Who is A? - Vote

For Pretty Little Liars aficionados today is the high holy day we’ve been waiting for since the summer of 2010 when the juggernaut show premiered and began teasing out the story of “A,” the show’s omniscient tech savvy blackmailer, who became active when their bitch friend Alison (Sasha Pieterse) went missing.

For Pretty Little Liars aficionados today is the high holy day we’ve been waiting for since the summer of 2010 when the juggernaut show premiered and began teasing out the story of “A,” the show’s omniscient, tech savvy blackmailer who became active when the liars bitchy friend Alison (Sasha Pieterse) went missing.  "A" Day is like the reveal of the murderer on Twin Peaks, but for the tween set and the adults who can’t resist the addictive guilty pleasure that is Pretty Little Liars.

Of course, SheWired’s primary interest in ABC Family’s hit mystery show, based on the books by Sara Shepard, centers around the show’s resident lesbian and lady killer Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell), but it’s hard to ignore the appeal of all the little liars, the Nancy Drew of the bunch Spencer (Troian Bellisario), the doe-eyed fashion plate Aria (Lucy Hale) and the not-so-dumb beautiful blond Hanna (Ashley Benson).

Over the past 47 episodes the PLL team has teased out the A storyline with Hitchcockian MacGuffins and red herringsleaving A’s identity nearly a complete mystery. Still, there are some strong contenders for who A might be. Here our some of our thoughts..

Who is A?

Maya St. Germain – The true love of Emily’s life Maya (Bianca Lawson) moved to Rosewood and lived in Alison’s old house, offering her plenty of access to anything Ally might have had stashed away there. Plus, Maya’s been acting suspect since returning from her stint in rehab, for instance, chatting with notorious jerk Noel Kahn and ditching Emily to go to San Francisco. Who would ditch lady-killer Emily? That alone is suspect. At the end of the day we’re going with Maya could be A because you can never trust a 32-year-old passing as 17. 

Jason DiLaurentis – Recently revealed to be Mr. Hastings’ bastard son and thereby Spencer and Melissa’s half-brother, Jason had plenty of reasons to off his rotten sister Alison, especially since she knew his dark secret.  He was also part of the secret club of frat-boy-esqe dumbasses that included Garret and Melissa’s dead ex Ian. More recently Jason has appeared to want to try to be of help to the liars but it could all be a ruse. When all else fails, blame the mysterious handsome neighbor. 

Jenna Marshall– Probably the most obvious candidate considering all the tension there has been between Jenna and the liars from day one of the series. Just throwing this out there: its very possible she never lost her vision entirely and her most recent surgery was either to regain as much of the lost vision as possible or some kind of cosmetic touch up to fix any scarring. Jenna does have a creepy tendency to be in all the wrong places at the wrong times – and always doing something that redefines sketchy.

Garrett Reynolds – Garrett could probably be involved if its Jenna, but he's also solid bet solo because of his ties to Jason and to Melissa. He is just one big douche bag. Messing with the girls, getting them to trust him during all the various investigations at the beginning of the series was just over the line. Aside from that, it wouldn’t be the first time a cop has turned out to be the bad guy. After all, while a crooked cop may not be shocking, it is definitely drama.

Byron Montgomery – We don’t really think Aria’s dad is responsible for blackmailing the liars and torturing them but he’s such a self-righteous jackass that we thought we’d include him.

Lucas Gottesman – Formerly tortured at the hands of Ally’s mean girl antics, the PLL gang sure wanted viewers to think Lucas could be A earlier this season. The nerd with a soft spot for Hanna has been missing in action since he and Hanna nearly drowned in a boating accident several episodes ago. Could he have been off all this time plotting the big finish?

Mona Vanderwaal – In the past few episodes, Mona (Janel Parrish) has proven she is equally capable of, if not more so, sneaking around and manipulating things to her own benefit as the Liars. Need to hack into the school administration’s computer system? No problem – Mona has that covered. Other than that, she could just be seeking revenge for all the horrible things Alison put her through. Since Alison herself is already six feet under, the liars are the “next of kin,” in a way.

Veronica Hastings – It’s a long shot, but A could be Spencer’s mom Mrs. Hastings. She’s never home and she’s got reason to have wanted Alison dead since Alison had knowledge that could have upended their family dynamic, namely that Mr. Hastings fathered Jason. Plus, never trust a woman could be Mariska Hargitay’s double. 

Melissa Hastings – Need we point out all the drama of the last few episodes involving Melissa Hastings? For instance, finding out Melissa sent threatening texts to Allison shortly before she died, the video the girls found of Melissa in Alison's room the night Ally disappeared saying “Where is she?”, or the fact that Mama and Papa Hastings had a PI follow her because they thought she killed Alison. Right, well all those things make her an obvious option, but an option nonetheless. Besides, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) does come off as the kind of  vindictive girl who would genuinely enjoy torturing four relatively innocent--save for that whole blinding Jenna thing-- high school girls. She does also seem jealous of Spencer to an unhealthy extreme.

Alison DiLaurentisPLL producers have an affinity for Hitchcock, having referenced Vertigo and Rear Window over the past two seasons. Alison, a Hitchcock blond if ever there were one, could still be alive as the writers have led us to believe with both Emily and Spencer having both seen her in what may or may not be dream sequences. Or, is there an Alison doppelganger worthy of Hitch that we might consider? Perhaps a twin adopted at birth?

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