Kelly Clarkson is Still Not Gay Ya'll But She Does Get the 'Hottest Lesbians'

Kelly Clarkson is Still Not Gay Ya'll But She Does Get the 'Hottest Lesbians'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

About once every quarter we are compelled to reiterate that Kelly Clarkson is still not gay ya’ll -- as evidenced by the rock she’s been sporting since fiancé Brandon Blackstock (Reba McEntire’s stepson) proposed. But Kelly told Cosmopolitan, according to Radar, that her six dry years leading up to finding a beau, she was hit on by plenty of lesbians and all of them “babes.”

The original Idol has ardently but affably been denying lesbo rumors pretty much since “Since You Been Gone” became a mega-hit, but she does admit to Cosmo that she’d be a lucky lady if she were gay.

“I mean, I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh, my god, if I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck,” Kelly told Cosmo. And, if there were still any doubt that she’s a straight lady, she clarified once again. “But it’s not just my thing. I’ve always battled for the boys’ team.”

If her compulsion to continually clarify that she’s straight is a tad annoying, she did also tell Cosmo that the assumption she must be gay because she was single for so long was an insult to gay people.

“People think, ‘Oh, she’s been single for too long.’ That’s kind of an insult to the gay community,” Kelly said. Being single doesn’t mean you’re gay. But I’m never insulted by it, obviously.”

An ardent supporter of LGBT rights, Kelly took time out from “catching her breath” this fall to say that, although she’s a registered Republican, she would vote for President Obama based on his marriage equality stance and his support of women rights.

This fall Kelly also released “People Like Us,” which could be considered her anthem to the other in the vein of P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass,” Gaga’s “Born this Way” and Katy Perry’s” “Firework."

“They can't do nothing to you, they can't do nothing to me. This is the life that we choose, this is the life that we bleed. So throw your fists in the air, come out, come out if you dare,” sings in “People Like Us.”

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