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Portia de Rossi on Getting 'Arrested' Again

Portia de Rossi on Getting 'Arrested' Again

Well folks, it's finally happening. Arrested Development, the hilarious, irreverent, and unfairly cancelled family comedy which last aired new episodes on Fox in 2006, is returning to the airwaves.

That's right, the whole Bluth family will be back in 14 new episodes set to debut on Netflix this spring. Micheal, George Sr., Lucille, Gob, Buster, George Michael,  Maeby, Tobias, and his way-out-of-his-league wife, Lindsay Bluth Funke, played by out actress Portia de Rossi, will once again entertain us with their absurd antics staring in May. 

De Rossi told Access Hollywood that reuniting the Bluths in a family scene was "overwhelming."

"I think it was all of us together actually, in that scene where we're all in the penthouse together, and it was overwhelming," de Rossi told Access. "It was so fantastic because everyone looked exactly the same, including the kids. I don't know how that happened."

But de Rossi said there was more to find familiar that just the faces of her fellow castmates. "We made the same jokes, we had the same relationship to each other and it felt like one of those moments in time, where you kind of question whether time exists because it just felt like we were coming back to work a few months after we ended," said de Rossi. "It was very strange." 

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