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Joanie No Longer Loves Chachi: Erin Moran Goes Gay, Says Tabloid

Joanie No Longer Loves Chachi: Erin Moran Goes Gay, Says Tabloid

'Happy Days' star Erin Moran gets 'outed' by dubious anonymous sources in the National Enquirer.


The National Enquirerappears to be up to their old gay-baiting tricks — or is it bi-baiting? — but if the infamous tabloid is to be believed, the cute, butchy little sister on Happy Days may finally be getting her L-card in the mail soon. 

According to the Enquirer, actress Erin Moran (above left, with her Happy Days costar Marion Ross), who in recent years has been hounded by tabloids and dogged by financial setbacks, is "ready to dump her husband to become a lesbian." 

Then again, they base those reports on the allegation that, "After drinking shots of tequila, Erin began making out with one of her female friends" at a Corydon, Ind., bowling alley, which apparently made her husband of 20 years, Steve Fleischmann, furious.

Still, it's not Fleischmann calling it quits, they say. It's Moran, who famously went on to star in the Happy Days spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi with Scott Baio (himself no stranger to tabloids or LGBT activists). 

The Enquirer reported that the 52-year-old former child star, who most recently appeared in Not Another B Movie, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, and The Bold and the Beautiful, was asked to leave by the bartender "after several minutes of them grind–ing against each other."

"Erin was blabbing to everyone about how tired she was of Steve riding her coattails and how she just wanted to run away and fall in love with a woman,” claimed one of the paper's many dubious anonymous sources. “When Erin saw him, she began to berate him about working at Walmart. Then she told everyone that Steve stays with her only because she’s the breadwinner. She seems ready to move on to women, and Steve is definitely sick and tired of babysitting his wife.”

The lesson here? Don't make out with another woman in Corydon, Ind.

Check out Moran in happier days below:

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