Watch: Exclusive, Unreleased Songs from Bitch's New Project, BEACH

Watch: Exclusive, Unreleased Songs from Bitch's New Project, BEACH
Sunnivie Brydum

On Sunday, February 10, out electric violinist Bitch took the stage at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles to provide a much-needed alternative to the mainstream bleh of the Grammys. 

SheWired was there to enjoy the preview of Bitch's latest effort, an indie-electronica cassette (also available for digital download) simply named BEACH. Along with her trusty companion (and, according to Facebook, her partner) Alligator, a.k.a Billie Jo Cavallaro, Bitch enchanted the audience with her feisty, unapologetically fierce lyrics and new-age, techno- and Middle East-inspired sound. 

Watch exclusive video below, as Bitch performs two unreleased tracks from her newest album — the aptly named "Debbie Gibson Song," and a "Quiz" on being careful what you say in a dark corner of a nightclub. 

In an homage to Debbie Gibson, Bitch proclaims "Debbie Gibson just played, and I will never love again, now that we're apart."

Watch "The Debbie Gibson Song" below.

According to this next track, Bitch has to "watch what I say in nightclubs," but we're happy when anything — words, music, or profanities — comes out of the fierce electric violinist's mouth. 

Watch "Quiz" below. 

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