WATCH: Tegan and Sara Are About to Get 'Awkward' for MTV

WATCH: Tegan and Sara Are About to Get 'Awkward' for MTV

Out chart-topping musicians Tegan and Sara Quin are about to parlay their mainstream success into a musical directing gig on MTV's snarky coming-of-age comedy Awkward.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the out twins will serve as music supervisors for the May 7 episode of Awkward. The series, starring Ashley Rickards, has already made use of several T&S songs this season, including "Goodbye, Goodbye," "Closer," and "Drove Me Wild," according to EW. 

EW reports that next week's episode, curated by the Quins, will feature tracks from The Courtneys ("90210"), Diana ("Perpetual Surrender"), Sucre ("Say Something"), OK Sweetheart ("All We Have"), and Tegan and Sara's own "I Was a Fool," the angsty ballad from their latest album, Heartthrob.

In this video from EW, watch the sisters dish about their stint as music supervisors, and even admit that they hesitated to include their own music. 

"I almost wanted to bump our song out of there, " Tegan said. "I was like, we need to make room for other artists."

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