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Recap: What We Learned From The Fosters Premiere

Recap: What We Learned From The Fosters Premiere

The Fosters premiered this week, and it rocked our socks.

The moment we've all been waiting for — The Fosters premiered on ABC Family on Monday night, and we think it was a pretty fantastic pilot. Enjoyable, pretty good young actors, and MILFs aplenty. (SPOILER ALERT) Here are a couple of thoughts/lessons/comments on the whole thing: 

1. Girl jail is not easy, guys. 

2. This is the natural reaction to the question, "So you're dykes?" as posed by your teenage foster kid, who was just released from juvie: 

3. OK Callie, you can seriously take it down a notch. Just try it. 

4. This is the natural reaction for when your mom asks, "Do you need condoms?" 

5. Does Callie need creamer? No. She's a boss. 

6. Oh yeah, high school can eat it, when you're not these girls. 

7. No, this kid is not driving you to San Ysidro. 

8. Janky Mom is almost as creepy as Internet predators. 

9. Callie's got your number, Mariana. 

10. Stef Foster ain't the only lez at the station. 

11. Seriously, ex-husband? You thought this was going to be a good idea? Lena is not going to happy about this. 

12. Um...?! You could be almost sort of siblings. Kinda. 

13. Yeah, sometimes you need your hot wife to hug you. That's all. 

14. No recital? Back to video games. We'd do the same thing. 

15. We've got a serious problem with gun contol in this country. 

16. ...But sometimes it's really handy that your mom is a cop. 

16. OK, so everyone knows Mariana is stealing Jesus' pills, right? 

18. Especially Janky Mom. Janky Mom knows Mariana is stealing the pills. 

19. A near-shoot-out? Worth it to save your little bro from a crazy abusive guy . 

20. Looks like The Fosters are going to need a bigger minivan. 

What did you all think about the show? We're going to stick around for the next episode, which airs Monday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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