15 Things Every Gay College Freshman Should Do

Alexander Kirk

College has officially started! Across the country, the fresh smell of text books and marijuana fill the air. As a freshman, you’re probably a little nervous, extremely excited and definitely confused about your occupational future.

Luckily, that’s not what college is for. Ok, maybe it sort of is, but aside from knowledge and learning – here are 15 things every gay college student should do their freshamn year.

1. Live in the dorms: It’s close, it’s cheap, you can wake up 4 minutes before class starts, and roll-up wearing your pajamas. 

2. Take a chance on a random roommate: This person will end up as your maid of honor/best man.

3. Come out to your new friends as quickly and painlessly as possible: The longer you wait, the more awkward it becomes. But trust me, the easiest place to be different is in college. 

4. Go to class: If you literally sit there with sunglasses on and your eyes closed…you’re passing your class just by being there.

5. Save your quarter-life crisis for senior year: You still have 4 years to figure out your major.

6. Rush, pledge, and join greek life: Greek life stereotypes are so 5 years ago. Join an LGBT exclusive Greek organization or go a little more mainstream because they're epic.

7. Join a club: Hell, not even a club – join anything where you’re surrounded by a group of people you get along with. Be a tour guide for your school, have an on-campus job, you get it.

8. Take advantage of your meal plan: You’re not going to know how lucky you are, until sophomore year.

9. Experiment: It's so stereotypical and yet so true. 

10. Break out of your usual friend zone: Not like the romantic friend zone but like who you usually hang out with – don’t limit yourself to one clique.

11. Party (and dress accordingly): College will host the most epic parties of your life and probably be the last time you’ll ever to get to dress up in a toga – so do it and do it responsibly.

12. Study all night long: Forget all that mumbo-jumbo about your dorm roommate. All-nighters are your best friend and they’re inevitable.

13. Don’t be tied down: High school bf or gf? Let em go.

14. Be yourself: College is so massive and so diverse, that you’re going to fit in somewhere so don’t try squeeze yourself into a role that you’re not.

15. HAVE THE F*CKING TIME OF YOUR LIFE (but please don’t flunk out) but even if you do, we still love you and there’s better things for you on the horizon.

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