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19 Simple Life GIFs That Perfectly Illustrate Your Last Grindr Hook Up

19 ‘Simple Life’ GIFs That Perfectly Illustrate Your Last Grindr Hook Up

19 ‘Simple Life’ GIFs That Perfectly Illustrate Your Last Grindr Hook Up

That’s hot.


The Simple Life and Grindr share one amazing thing in common: they are both iconic staples in every gay man’s life.

So it’s no wonder that this tale of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton somehow brings to life your last Grindr hook-up eerily too well. Here are 19 Simple Life GIFs that perfectly illustrate your last Grindr hook-up.

1. You log on to Grindr with one goal in mind.

2. And start sending out blanket messages to all the hot torsos you see.

3. Soon you hone in on one guy who’s 3746 ft. away.

4. You begin asking all the hard-hitting questions.

5. Ignoring details that would typically be red flags, but you’re too horny to care.

6. You try to avoid sending nudes but eventually give in.

7. The conversation turns dirty and words start flying.

8. You agree with his sexual preferences just so you can make your way to his apartment.

9. He opens the door and you’re a bit shocked that he doesn’t look EXACTLY like his picture.

10. You awkwardly introduce yourself.

11. You're too horny to go back now so you sit and chat for a minute…

12. Before cutting right to the chase.

13. You begin making out, and dirty talk ensues.

14. The pants come off and you see what he’s packing.

15. Your sex drive is now through the roof and you start doing things you’d never thought you’d ever do.

16. Like some crazy shit.

17. You both finish and you immediately regret everything.

18. You leave very coldly, contemplating your life decisions.

19. But then, a couple of hours later, you remember the events much differently. Repeat until you’re no longer single. 

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