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Morgan McMichaels' 'Padam Padam' Parody Skewers Rightwing Politicians

Morgan McMichaels' 'Padam Padam' Parody Skewers Rightwing Politicians

"Urdumb, Urdumb"
Morgan McMichaels/YouTube

"Urdumb Urdumb" says exactly what we've all been thinking.


An incredible new parody showcases drag queens hitting back at the nasty anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric rightwing politicians are encouraging in the United States in the most appropriate way.

The video comes from Morgan McMichaels, who is best known from her time as a contestant in the early days of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and is a drag-centric take on Kylie Minogue’s instant hit song, “Padam Padam.” McMichaels’ version, titled “URDUMB URDUMB.” takes aim at the likes of Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and George Santos, among others.

“Urdumb urdumb / Stop eating all that paste / Urdumb urdumb / Does the Kool-Aid have a funny taste?” McMichaels sings.

The parody does actually take the time to draw attention to specific legislation and rhetoric spread by bigots, drawing news clips and headlines relevant to the recent attacks on drag into the production. Video of Kid Rock shooting Bud Light cans, rioters storming the Capitol, and modern-day Nazis saluting serve as an appropriate juxtaposition to LGBTQ+ people and allies holding up signs offering support to their community.

While a parody of any kind isn’t likely to actually get through to the people going out of their way to push hate, it’s still an opportunity to keep attention on the many bills threatening LGBTQ+ rights—and specifically rights pertaining to trans people and drag queens.

“Drag Queens & Trans-women in this world were the vanguards of the gay rights movement at Stonewall and have been spearheading the fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community since and will not sit idly by now as small minded hate filled people attempt to strip us of our rights and our humanity,” McMichaels wrote. “We will stand up, we will clap back and we will continue to live, love and fight for equality. WE ARE NOT AFRAID AND WE WILL FIGHT BACK FOR OUR EQUALITY AND RIGHTS !!!!”

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