Violet Chachki Stuns as the First Drag Queen to Model for Lingerie Campaign

Violet Chachki Stuns as the First Drag Queen to Model for Lingerie Campaign
Zachary Zane

RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 winner Violet Chachki has become the first drag queen to land a major lingerie campaign. She is modelling for the "Bettie Page" collection of the London-based brand, Playful Promises.

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The campaign features Violet in the style of a ‘50’s pin-up model. This was particularly fitting, as she told Bazaar, "Bettie Page has been a big inspiration for my drag character for a long time, so it’s kind of full circle for me. I reference her a lot in my work so it was kind of the perfect pairing for me and a dream job."

Violet also noted the societal impact of landing such a major campaign. While the fashion industry has absolutely evolved over the past decade by challenging gender norms, there’s still much work to be done.  

"More visibility and variety," Violet continued. "There’s so many different identities out there and I think they all deserve some visibility. Showing variety in representation in casting is super important, it gives minorities a platform and I think it definitely creates a safe space for conversation and progress."

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Clearly, lingerie is no longer just for women. It’s for men, gender non-conforming folks, and everyone else. Clothing should not be limited to only people of certain genders who behave a certain way. It should be a tool for people of all genders to express who they are.

Congrats Violet! By the way, you look sickening.  

The Bettie Page lingerie collection is available now at Playful Promises.  

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