Bianca Del Rio Just Dragged Ann Coulter

Jayson Flores

The tea is boiling this evening as the hypocritical, cognitively dissonant (and one of the reasons aliens won’t visit us) Ann Coulter decided to try and come for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio over an Instagram post. It seems pretty clear that Coulter has never watched Drag Race, otherwise she would’ve known that Bianca is not the queen to come for.

After Coulter’s recent (hilarious) fiasco with Delta airlines—where her seat was given to someone else—Bianca decided to share her thoughts via Instagram. In the post seen below, Bianca applauded the airline for kicking the proud bigot off the plane. Apparently, Coulter didn’t like that too much.


LOVE YOU @delta AIRLINES..... @anncoulterofficial IS A ROTTED CUNT! #miserablebitch #toobadyouarenotadiamondmember

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She commented on Bianca’s post saying, “And of course @thebiancadelrio is being very “classy” as always. Hate me as much as you can.” FIRST OFF, Bianca hates everyone, you’re not special, Becky! Secondly, has anyone on planet Earth ever heard Bianca claiming she was classy? I’ve watched season 6 too many times to count and I’ve never seen it. Those who do know Bianca, however, know she couldn’t let a ridiculous comment like Coulter’s go to waste.

Bianca replied:



THIS [email protected]@delta #tryme #nottodaysatan

A post shared by Bianca Del Rio (@thebiancadelrio) on

Are you screaming? Because I’m screaming!

Reads don’t get much better than that. Someone needs to collect Ann and tell her if she wants to troll mentions for attention, she needs to go somewhere else. Or maybe she should do better work so her booking fee is high enough to get into first class, like Bianca.

Queen Bianca played Coulter worse than she played Laganja all season long. It’s been a few years now since Bianca took the crown, so maybe it’s time for a reminder: when it comes to Bianca...

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