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5 Things We Can Learn From Ariana Grande's Feminist Schooling of Radio Hosts

5 Things We Can Learn From Ariana Grande's Feminist Schooling of Radio Hosts

5 Things We Can Learn From Ariana Grande's Feminist Schooling of Radio Hosts

Generally speaking, we can learn a lot from Ariana Grande — how to look flawless 24/7, or how to have a once-in-a-generation kind of singing voice, for example.

But Grande is also quickly establishing herself as an educator for equal rights and social justice.

Last week, when asked some pretty blatantly sexist questions by Power 106 FM radio hosts Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux, Grande took it upon herself to turn the unfortunate situation into a learning opportunity.

And, boy, did we learn a lot:

1. It is bullshit to say that an emoji has anything to do with gender identity or expression.

ariana grande

After the hosts suggested that the new unicorn emoji was not for men, Grande corrected them by saying, yes, many men do use that emoji, there's no rule saying that men cannot use certain emojis, and that the hosts "need a little brushing up on equality."

The takeaway: there is no world in which use of one emoji or another has any hidden, deeper meaning about gender. It's an emoji. It barely has any meaning at all.

2. Women care about more than just their makeup and phones.

ariana grande

Can't believe we actually had to write that one down.

3. We shouldn't be afraid to speak up, like Ariana did.

ariana grande

Our girl Ari came out fighting. She called the hosts on their crap each and every time, and did so in a way that was respectful, but forceful.

Four for you, Ariana. You go, Ariana.

4. This one's a classic: Don't judge a book by its cover.

ariana grande

Grande certainly has the appearance of a carefree, social media and fun-loving girl who spends much of her time trying to attain the perfect outfit and hairdo. And she very well might be all of those things.

But, even if she is, that doesn't mean she won't also school you on equality, go toe-to-toe with you on feminist issues, and educate the ignorant. This girl knows what she's talking about.  

5. In Grande's words, "we can all learn."

amy poehler, tina fey

The hope is that we never stop learning and growing in this life, but right now, we can start with learning a lot from Ariana.

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