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Scream VI Cast's Impromptu Car Sing-Along Has Fans Obsessed

'Scream VI' Cast's Impromptu Car Sing-Along Has Fans Obsessed

Devyn Nekoda, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Jenna Ortega
lev radin/Shutterstock

We could all use a little more "Pretty Girl Rock" in our lives.


Scream fans can’t get enough of the new generation’s cast hanging out behind the scenes.

With Scream VIcontinuing to thrive at the box office, its stars are making waves on social media, for no other reason than having fun hanging out together. A video shared to Devyn Nekoda’s Twitter account featuring her and Jenna Ortega singing along to Keri Hilson’s 2010 single “Pretty Girl Rock” in a car, where they were eventually joined by fellow cast member Jasmin Savoy Brown, is winning people over.

“i need to be friends w y’all where are the applications,” wrote one fan.

Another suggested they take that energy and form a girl group, adding, “we are here to support you!!”

The age of social media has given us unprecedented access into these small moments of joy from celebrities, and clearly folks are still thrilled at just seeing the actors they appreciate on screen living their best lives off-screen as well — and find it especially endearing when they seem to remain friends even after production has wrapped.

Scream VI is still in theaters for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see the cast do a little less singing and a little more screaming and running through New York City for their lives yet this year. We’re still waiting on word as to whether a Scream VII is officially in the cards, but if you want to know who among the cast even potentially could return, you’ll have to see who survived the most recent installment in the popular franchise first!

Is Scream VI available streaming?

Scream VI is not currently available streaming, although it is currently theorized it will be available on Paramount+ following its theatrical run.

Why is Scream VI rated R?

Scream VI is rated R primarily for violence and language.

Will there be a Scream VII?

Your guess is as good as ours!

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