6 Reasons To Date A Guy Who’s Obsessed With His Dog

Zachary Zane

Dogs, forever have been, and forever will be, the best pets in the world. (Sorry cat people; you're wrong.) Unfortunately, most of us are not at places in our lives where we can properly take care of a dog. We don’t have the time, money, or energy. We’re busy working all day and can barely take care of ourselves, let alone another living being. That’s why you need to date a guy who has a dog.

That and 6 other reasons:

1. He has his shit together

Guys with dogs are doing well in life. They’re organized enough to feed, walk, and take care of another living (and very dependent) being. (And clearly are doing financially well enough to support another expensive being.)

2. You always have a third to cuddle 

Cuddling is the best and there are certain problems only cuddling can solve. But when there is a third furry guy in there with you, it makes cuddling that much better.

3. He has no qualm speaking baby-talk 

And you know what? A little lovey-dovey talk every now and then (please don’t overdo it) is kind of nice to hear from your man.

4. You get to enjoy the calming effects of parks 

Parks are God’s gift to mankind. Enjoy them. Relax in them. Embrace them. Watch all the doggies play together.

5. He knows how to take care of others 

Not only can he take care of himself, but he also has the capacity to care of someone else. This means he’s more likely to be able to take care of you, when you need to be cared for. 

6. It’s like you get to have a dog of your own 

Only you don’t have to pick up the crap.

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