This Queer-Inclusive Game Just Dropped Its Epic Trailer at E3

E3 Queer Trailer for Game
Zachary Zane

At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Sony premiered an epic, 12-minute gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II, their upcoming, big-budget, single-player narrative game. 

In addition to delighting players with its over-the-top action and gore, TLoU2 looks incredibly queer inclusive! Yes! Queer inclusive!!

In fact, during the initial scene of the trailer, Ellie, the protagonist, is dancing with another girl. She notices that all the guys are looking at her and her dance partner. Ellie then says she's "Just a girl, not a threat," meaning that the guys shouldn’t think she was sexual competition. Her partner says that they should be terrified of her and proceeds to kiss Ellie.

Cut to Ellie being an absolute badass, slitting a man’s throat and mumbling "f***er." Utterly terrifying. After the insanely brutal 9-minute fight sequence, we return to the initial kiss. Ellie’s partner now reaffirms, "See, I told you, they should be terrified."

Terrified indeed.

Watch the epic trailer for The Last of Us Part II in the video below!

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