CupcakKe's 'D!ck Collector' Costume Won Halloween

Rapper CupcakKe
Zachary Zane

If you don’t know CupcakKe, now you definitely will. The young Chicago rapper has been profiled by Rolling Stone and OUT magazines, with the latter declaring her a "Queer Icon in the Making."

CupcakKe quickly soared in the rap scene after her songs "Vagina" and "Deepthroat" went viral. Other fan favorites of hers include "Cumshot," "Juicy Coochie" and "Best Dick Sucker."

If you couldn't tell from her song titles, CupcakKe is known for her bold and vulgar lyrics, as well as her social and political commentaries. Now, she has officially won Halloween. 

The MC dressed up as, what else, the "The Dick Collector." She posted a pic of her hilariously epic costume last night, and at the time of reporting, it has over 35,000 likes!

CupcakKe, you are officially a goddamn queer icon!

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