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Mapping the Female Orgasm Via Brain Scan

Mapping the Female Orgasm Via Brain Scan

Who knew a 54-year-old woman having an orgasm would garner so much attention.

Scientists at Rutgers University in New Jersey are seeking to uncover how the orgasm works as a function of one's genitals, as well as how orgasms stimulate parts of the brain. The findings have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, but Professor Barry Komisaruk believes the information can help people control feelings of depression and anxiety.

The subject of the brain scan, which is making the rounds online, is of Nan Wise, a PhD student and sex therapist working with Komisaruk.

"It's my dissertation," Wise told The Guardian. "I'm committed to it.”

Several regions of the brain are activated before, during, and after the orgasm, most notably the hypothalamus, which releases the chemical oxytocin, which causes pleasurable sensations and signals the uterus to contract.

Watch the brain image below. The red shows areas with minimal brain activity, while yellow and white areas show high brain activity. The video can also be viewed on VisualMD.

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