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Chrishell Stause Spills On Feuds, Friends & Future On Selling Sunset

Chrishell Stause Spills On Feuds, Friends & Future On 'Selling Sunset'

Chrishell Stause

Plus, the star is revealing why she almost broke the fourth wall in an intense moment from season six.


The sun is setting with plenty of shade.

Selling Sunset is back for a jaw-dropping new season on Netflix and these sexy realtors are bringing plenty of drama while making big deals.

The show's central star Chrishell Stause is in the thick of the action in the new episodes, as the star feuds with newbie Nicole Young and opens up on her budding relationship with musician G Flip. In the past couple of weeks, Stause and Flip tied the knot in a secret Las Vegas wedding just before the Selling Sunset premiere.

Right as the sixth season dropped on Netflix, Stause chatted with PRIDE on her recent nuptials, Selling Sunset drama, and which frenemy she'd rather go to dinner with in her free time. Beware... spoilers ahead if you haven't binged the new season yet!

PRIDE: Congratulations on your marriage!

Chrishell: Thank you very much! We're really excited about. Thank you.

We get to see your romance play out in this brand new season of Selling Sunset, along with new faces joining The Oppenheim Group. What are fans getting in these new episodes?

I have to say, I really think that this is our best season yet. Honestly, that means for me it was very stressful, but that means for the viewers, they'll have a great viewing experience. You still get these incredible houses. Obviously, we add two new cast members so you're going to get the drama too!

Let's talk about these new cast members. Why is Nicole coming for you so hard?

Okay, tell me if you saw it... but there was a plan in place unbeknownst to me. I remember when she got cast on the show, I was very excited for her. She reached out, she asked for advice. I was really thrown that obviously a plan had been put in place to talk about something that was handled so long ago. That didn't go over well for me, because I just don't really have time much of a capacity for that anymore. I'm not doing this again. It will lead for good television, because I just wasn't having it!

I have to tell you... I was living when you stood up to Nicole at that epic dinner scene!

Thank you (laughs)! It's going to go both ways. It is so frustrating. Focus on your own plate! Be about your business and stay out of mine. That's just how I feel.

Besides, you were going through such an exciting moment in your personal life. Why is it so hard for these girls to support you?

To me, it seems a little transparent that Nicole was trying to come in and have a TV moment, having just been cast [after] a few seasons of wanting to be and not having been. I didn't have the biggest tolerance for it. [Netflix] doesn't break the fourth wall, so [they're] not going to use me saying that, but it was frustrating to say the least.

Well, Chrishell... now you know I have to ask a shady question.

Let's hear it! I'm ready.

If you had to have dinner with Nicole or Christine, who are you getting dinner with?

I'd have dinner with Christine. At this point, I fell like there's at least an ounce of respect and interest. I can't say the same for Nicole. Unless I'm contractually obligated, I'm not getting dinner with her.

Moving on from the drama... we get to see your relationship with G Flip blossom on this new season. What was that experience like for you?

It's so interesting to me. I think that the world focuses so much on it being so different and to me, I fell in love with this person and I think that I was a little naive about how big of a deal that that would be. I found this incredible, amazing human being that I'm so excited to be in love with. After seeing the amount of backlash, it did feel that it was almost a duty to be as open as we're comfortable being. It's a love just like any other love. Personally, it's the best love I've ever experienced. I always say this, but if someone being happy makes you unhappy, then you need to look inside yourself.

I completely agree with you. I honestly think a lot of people will watch your journey and relate to you. What message would you want to send to anyone that might be facing judgment for who they are?

We get one life and that is it. If you are living your life to please other people, you really need to reevaluate. It's wasted time. I wasted a lot of time people-pleasing. That's one thing that I really love about getting older and finding my voice. If someone handed me a time machine, I would stay here. This is more valuable to me... being able to live out loud and to live with my voice.

You've really come such a long way since season one when you first joined The Oppenheim Group.

Wow. What a journey! I was just a little baby back then. You guys have been around for a full journey. There's a huge important chuck of my life that I have grown with people on and I'm so grateful that people are still tuning in and that they still care.

What's amazing is that you've also built some real friendships on this show and we see that continue in this season. What can you tell us about that?

I have to say... that's the one thing that I love. Aside from the drama, I really feel like these girls are my sisters. I love them. I genuinely care about them. We've lived such a crazy life through the journey of this show [and] it's bonded us forever. A lot of times, the focus is on the person you don't get along with and we don't get to talk about the friendships, so I appreciate that question, because I really do feel like we have formed a family as dysfunctional as it can be at times!

That's everything! Last question for you. You've achieved so much throughout the past few years, so what are you manifesting for the future?

I'm manifesting a few things. I have some opportunities in the scripted world! That was my first love. We're living in this time where you can do all different things and you don't have to put yourself in a specific lane. G Flip has a tour coming up, so I'm excited to find times to go to shows and see G. Also, we're going to get through this election season ending on the side of equality. Love is love. That is what I'm manifesting!

The sixth season of Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix.

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