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8 Amazing Things You Can Do To Support Your Bisexual Partner

Having a bisexual partner for the first time can feel daunting. In a world where bisexuality is so stigmatized and misunderstood, it's natural that you may wonder how exactly if and how the relationship dynamic could be affected by your differing sexualities. Supporting a bi partner isn't just about your understanding, either - it goes further than that. It's about helping your partner to teach others exactly what it does and doesn't mean to be bisexual, too. Anyway, here's how to be the best partner you can be to your bi girlfriend...

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8. Let us talk about previous relationships.

People mention exes in conversation. They're part of our history, it's normal. You do it, we do it. We get that it might feel weird for you to imagine us with a guy. You might compare yourself unfavorably, wondering if you're "enough" for us. Or, conversely, you might feel insulted that we've dated icky MEN before you. But you've no more reason to be jealous or dismissive of our ex-boyfriends than we have to be jealous or dismissive of your ex-girlfriends. We have the capacity to be attracted to more than one gender, you don't. Right now, we're with you and that's it. And if we're having an open relationship? Then accepting that we see "hearts not parts" applies even more.



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